The dress and veil looked like a match made in heaven with perfectly coordinated lace detailing reminiscent of flowers and tiny seashells. This tied in perfectly with the seashells on the mantle of the fireplace that Sadaf and Sam saw when visiting the Hacienda Sarria while searching for a wedding venue. For Persian bride Sadaf it seemed like a sign since her name actually means “sea shells” in Farsi!  

Wanting a small, intimate wedding with a few grand details, Sadaf's statement-making veil fit like a perfect puzzle piece in their wedding. Same as the gorgeous architecture that made Sam and Sadaf fall in love with Hacienda Sarria, Sadaf's stunning Pnina veil was like a work of art. Amongst their warm fall colors, Sadaf's veil stood out with it's intricate detailing and sense of airiness. 

With such a statement-making veil, it makes sense that the bride would want to capture that in the perfect photo. 

“My dream was to capture a photo of me with my sister holding on to the end of my beautiful Pnina cathedral veil somehow similar to the way Pippa had for Princess Kate at her wedding!”

Since Sadaf's veil was much longer than her train, her sister Dorsa held out her elongated veil as an homage to the iconic princess's photo.

For such a petite bride, a few worried that her grand cathedral veil might overpower her small frame. However Sadaf, who was enchanted by her gorgeous veil, felt that it instead added “power and elegance” to her final look. In fact, she loved the length of the veil quoting, “the longer the veil, the longer the marriage!” With a veil as long and fabulous as hers, I'd say she has a great shot at a long and wonderful marriage!!