For hair and makeup this year I really wanted to highlight features that made each of my hand-picked models beautiful and unique in their own way. I developed a glowing natural look with my makeup director to accentuate each model’s natural beauty. I also wanted the models’ hairstyles to stay and feel true to themselves. If they had natural curly hair, we kept it. If they had pink hair, we kept it. If they rocked a beautiful afro, we kept it. I wanted everything about their looks to feel real to who they were.

The models that I chose this year for the Real Collection runway show were the most diverse they have even been. I wanted my Pnina brides to be able to see a representation of themselves on the runway this year. To know that their real selves are beautiful and deserve to be celebrated as they are no matter their size, ethnicity or the million other things that make us uniquely ourselves.

This runway show did not just embrace what is real and beautiful about all of us, but it celebrated it in the best way. When I walked out on the runway at the end of the show, I felt like my own real self—and I knew that I had accomplished what my heart set out to do.