When I first arrived at COMO Parrot Cay it was so calm that I panicked. I’m used to a crazy, fast-paced lifestyle, and I couldn’t imagine myself spending five days in such a calm and peaceful atmosphere. But when I woke up the next morning to the sound of the birds singing and our beautiful two-room, two-bathroom COMO suite, I took a deep breath and began to relax. Our room had a beautiful terrace along the full length of the suite where I chose to have my first coffee of the day on our huge sun lounger, and—most importantly—a huge dressing room with plenty of space for hanging all my clothes (I travel heavy… two suitcases for five nights!)

Nothing at the resort was unnecessary—everything from the main terrace where we sat for breakfasts with fresh squeezed fruit juices, to the clean white décor of our suite was designed to let us fully enjoy the beautiful palm trees, orchids and clear blue water. The resort staff was so kind and welcoming every moment of our stay, happy to help us schedule an amazing massage at the spa or pick out freshly caught fish to be cooked for our dinner.

While at the resort, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Parth S. Mahajan, COMO Parrot Cay’s Wellness & Lifestyle consultant. Dr. Mahajan placed three fingers on my wrist, and I was amazed when he told me so many things about myself that I immediately felt to be true. He advised me to try to make my circle of worries smaller. He told me that I should not worry about the things I cannot change because worrying will not change them, and I should not worry about the things I can change because I will take care of them. He reminded me to focus on how I feel about myself, and not what others think about me. I could immediately tell that Dr. Mahajan was a wise and intuitive person, and his advice came at a time when I really needed it. My meeting with Dr. Mahajan was the finishing touch on a perfect few days in paradise, giving me valuable words to keep with me when I went home.

When you plan your honeymoon, you want to make sure that you are choosing a place you will look back on with your beloved for the rest of your lives as a truly wonderful, romantic experience and a beautiful start to your life as a married couple. I can’t imagine a better place for that than COMO Parrot Cay. In addition, I can’t recommend the resort enough as a getaway for people like me who need a calm, relaxing environment to let go of the stress of daily life and their career.

I’m back now, feeling refreshed and ready to continue creating beautiful designs and to help my customers feel as beautiful as they are, inside and out. I am so thankful to COMO Parrot Cay for an amazing few days in a perfect, elegant atmosphere, where they truly understand that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.