One important thing that I think about as the year comes to an end is what made me happy throughout the year and how I can make more time for that in the new year. Too often we get swept up in our professional lives that we neglect our personal lives. Set some new personal goals for yourself and restructure your schedule to take more time for the things that warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Maybe its reading more, traveling to new places, or simply making more time for your loved ones.
While it may be cliché and tired to post all of your new year’s resolutions on social media, making new goals for yourself and refreshing old ones is a phenomenal way to reset yourself going into this new time period. Constantly assessing where we are in life is essential to determining where we would like to be and can ultimately get us to a much better place. Keep dreaming and achieving my loves!

Photography by: Joseph Lin (Dream Collection) / Pnina Tornai Social Media Team