Another reason why straps have gained in popularity again could be the convenience and flattering nature straps have! With straps a bride need not worry about constantly adjusting her gown while getting down out on the dance floor. It can also help flatter arms if that is a trouble spot. Bustier women also find gowns with straps a better option when it comes to keeping “the girls” lifted and in place.
With so many new wonderful options to choose between combined with practically no downside, it is easy to see why straps have become the popular option with brides again. Often combined with lovely sleeves or part of a fabulous neckline, straps are making a marvelous comeback and we are completely here for it!

Written by: Jazmine Keels
Photography by: Alexander Lipkin (LOVE by Pnina Tornai, Wind Upon Water, & Dream Collections) & Duke Images for Strictly Weddings