However, as Della soon came to find out, finding a gown as magnificent as the Pnina Tornai gown she tried on in New York was proving to be quite the challenge. Ten salons and way too many gowns later, Della was finally ready to purchase the gown that she absolutely could not get off of her mind. Della and her mother both agreed that nothing compared to the Pnina Tornai ball gown and Della made the call back to the bridal boutique to order her dream gown!
Now most people would look at this gown and think that the only jewelry they would even think to wear with such a lavish gown would be simple pearl studs and their wedding rings. However, in Della’s culture it is customary to receive jewelry from your parents, your future in-laws, and your husband and wear it all on your wedding day. Luckily for Della, against the backdrop of her flowing tresses, all of her jewelry worked cohesively with her gown creating a grand look for her special day. Lastly, Della wore a two-tier, cathedral length veil for her magical ceremony.
An illustrious gown like that deserved an equally stunning wedding venue and the Beverly Hills Hilton was just that. Surround by gorgeous flowers during the ceremony and then shimmering chandeliers during the reception, Della’s ball gown was just the thing to tie everything together.
“I felt like a queen,” Della reminisces.
A queen she truly was.
Written by: Jazmine Keels
Photography by: John Solano Photography