So in love with the lace on the gown, Lauren took the extra lace appliques from the gown and added them to her veil to complete her bridal look. In addition to the veil, she wore exquisite diamond earrings that her husband surprised her with and a vintage 2-string pearl bracelet. Lastly, to balance the volume on the bottom of her gown, Lauren wore her hair half up, half down on her wedding day.

When it came time for their first loo,k Lauren had a little surprise in mind for her husband-to-be. Jokingly chided for taking the wedding too seriously (like that could even be possible), Lauren decided to lighten things up and show up to their first look in a dinosaur costume! A wonderfully, hilarious surprise for Jonathan, he was even more floored upon seeing Lauren in her actual wedding gown later on.

As one of the first things she decided upon in her wedding planning process, finding her dream wedding dress was huge weight off of her shoulders. Feeling good about herself in her wedding dress and the decision she had made, Lauren was thrilled how it had all come together on her wedding day.

“Just amazing,” Lauren fondly remembers of wearing her wedding gown. “I felt so comfortable and so beautiful; just exactly the way I pictured myself looking that day.”

To capture that feeling again and keep the magic alive, Lauren has removed the bottom skirt of the gown, which will trim their first child's crib. With the newly shortened gown, Lauren plans to recapture their wedding day magic and wear it for their upcoming anniversary. What a beautiful and romantic way to keep her lace dreams alive.

Written by: Jazmine Keels
Photography by: Joseph Lin Photography