3.) Beaded embellishments/Glitter embossing! This option is amazing for all-over shimmer or even brides looking for a less expensive option. You can still shine bright with these options and they glow beautifully under the light. I have designed plenty of gowns using this type of shimmer that can still fit within your budget in my LOVE by Pnina Tornai Collections. They are just as exquisite as my couture creations and are affordable as well!

4.) Can’t forget pearls! Pearls are the elegant woman’s bling. Not saying that all the other options are not as well, but there is just something about pearls that make them the pinnacle of refinement. They are gorgeous in any quantity on a gown and they are best suited for embellishing a corset. Just check out the ball gown from my Wind Upon Water Collection with a pearl corset that is to die for!

Your wedding day is a day for you to truly shine like the gem you are. As the Queen of Bling, rest assured that when wearing one of my gowns you are getting the highest quality and that my gowns will shine in the best way possible.
Photography by: Alexander Lipkin (Editorial Shots) & Joseph Lin (Dream Collection Runway)