The gown was exactly what Sarah had been looking for. The ideal blend of classic and sexy, this gown hugged Sarah in all the right places while still maintaining the level of classiness Sarah desired. To make the gown more suited to Sarah's taste, there were a few customizations made to the gown. For starts, the boning in the bodice of the gown was extended down the torso to give the gown more structure. A see-through panel was also added to the deep-V neckline so that it would not be so revealing. Lastly, the train was extended by another foot to give Sarah an extra boost of glamour as she walked down the aisle.

To accessorize her gown, Sarah chose to wear a gorgeous cathedral length veil that was wonderful for covering her open back during her wedding ceremony. Sarah did decide to wear her hair up though so as to not hide the alluring back of her gown for the reception. The only other jewelry that Sarah wore were earrings that her parents gifted her for her special day.

“I felt confident and honestly, pretty,” Sarah fondly recalls. “I felt it was a really good reflection of who I was and what I wanted the day to be.”

Light, whimsical, and romantic, Sarah and Ramez had a relaxed countryside wedding in Florence filled with hanging flowers and candles. As Sarah's exquisite lace gown flowed behind her down the aisle, Sarah was filled with love and happiness as her vision had finally come to life.

Written by: Jazmine Keels
Photography by: Katie Mitchell Photography