The best silhouettes for smaller frames in my opinion are mermaids and ball gowns. Now I know what you're thinking: aren't those the two worst silhouettes for petite brides? Absolutely not! In fact it's the exact opposite. Since mermaid gowns are fitted and do not flare out until the knees or below, these gowns actually elongate a woman's torso making her seem taller and leaner in her dress. Pnina is also able to raise or lower the point of flare, ensuring that the gown is perfectly proportioned. Natural-waist ball gowns are a petite bride's friend because not only do they make the waist seem small, but with a bit of the crinoline removed from the underskirt can be just the right amount of fabric for shorter bride silhouettes. The waistline also helps legs look longer because of the proportion of bodice to skirt.

Just because you are short in stature does not mean you have to be short in the fabulous department! It's your big day and if you choose to go for a big gown I say kudos!

Written by: Jazmine Keels
Fragile Collection, LOVE by Pnina Tornai Collection, & Wind Upon Water Collection photos by Alexander Lipkin