DON'T order your gown five sizes too small hoping on a wing and a prayer that you are magically going to fit into it in 6 months! Just don't do it ok – it never turns out well!

DO trust your alterations consultant to know what is going to work out the best for you. I'm not saying let them make every decision but they know things like how long the front of the gown should be or if that extended beading will turn out how you think it will! Listen to their expert advice and I guarantee things will go smoother for you in the long run.

DON'T think you know what's best and completely ignore their advice or drown them in your demands. They have the fate of your dream wedding dress in their hands and while that might drive you a bit crazy to relinquish even a tiny bit of control, I promise the finished product will be worth it if you just let them do their thing. Plus, when's the last time you altered a gown yourself? Exactly!

Tailoring each bride's gown to fit them like a glove is no easy feat but with enough time and the right decisions made, a bride can walk down the aisle feeling as beautiful as Cinderella sans the glass slipper.

Photography by: Alexander Lipkin, Joseph Lin Photography, Jamie Levine Photography, Pnina Tornai Social Media Team, Leandro Da Silva Photography, Meew Meew Studios, The Bleu Studio, Tony Zhou Image, Visual Image NY.