Summer: Now summer is when I say you go for the bright and bold colors. Your pinks, yellows, and vibrant blues are all ready to come out and play. Match those with nudes and champagne colors and you've got a wedding dress color scheme that your guests are sure to notice and love.

Fall: Lastly, for fall I say keep bold colors, but go for your darker shades this time of year. Lots of dark olive greens, paired with reds, oranges and dark plums are the perfect shades for the season. I'm telling you, if you look up the color oxblood online you will fall in love! Sounds like a weird color but it's a deep and rich tone, which is exactly what fall calls for.

Whether your wedding is inside or out, these seasonal color palettes are a great starting point for planning out your wedding's aesthetic. Look online to find some inspiration for how you can mix and match colors to fit the style and feel of your wedding. Whatever you choose, I can guarantee it will look great with your dream Pnina Tornai wedding dress!

Written by: Jazmine Keels
Photography via: AJ Shorter Photography (Succulent and rose bouquet), Chyna Darner (Sunflowers), Bridal Guide (Red Flowers), Anne Marie Moran (White with black place setting), Hostess with the Mostess (Purple Flowers), Jana Williams Photography (Pink and White Flowers), and Lin and Jirsa Photography (Blush and White Flowers with Clear Chairs), PaperBlog (Orange Flowers), & WeddingChicks (Burgundy and White Flowers)