Another popular style is to have an open back gown; not to be confused with a low back gown. Just because your back is open doesn't mean it has to be low as well. If low back gowns are your thing though, then I say work it honey! Keyhole back gowns are a happy medium where there is an open shape in the back of the gown. Of course you are always free to opt for a gown with a regular back, perhaps to help balance out that plunging V-neckline that you were dying to have. One thing to remember though is that whatever you choose, make sure that the back of your gown balances out with the front. They should both evoke similar or complimentary styles without going too overboard.

Now for the bottom of the gown. The big question here is are you going for a dramatic flourish or keeping it simple. If you are all about the drama, then a wonderfully layered skirt would be great or perhaps a ruffled extravaganza! Maybe you would just love an enchanting train that trails beautifully from your gown. It could be tapered or rounded off. It could be simple and sensible or your train could be as long as the checkout line at Sephora. Whatever your heart desires, when working with the right designer, changes can be made to work for your style. 

You may only be leaving to head off to your fun-filled reception but you will still want to give your guests something to remember as they watch you go. Looking back at your wedding photos years from now, you will thank me. It will be all worth it when you see your love checking you out when you weren't looking or see that cute silhouette photo your amazing photographer took. From front to back, you will be looking picture perfect! 

Written by: Jazmine Keels

Photography by: Alexander LipkinDuke Photography for Strictly Weddings (Central Park Photos)