Why do I love this new trend? For me capes are basically the new veil. I have never been thrilled about the idea of having something long being attached to me through my hair, but have always wanted the drama and enchantment that veils bring. Now I can have the best of both worlds: showing off my bridal up-do while having a long, flowing cape trail behind me, making jaws drop as I pass by.  

Wear it with your mermaid gown, wear it with your ball gown, wear it with your sheath gown, wear it with your grocery shopping clothes (we don't judge lol)! Capes are just so versatile and lovely. How could you not want to wear them with your wedding gown and every other outfit after that? Just come to the Pnina Tornai Boutique at Kleinfeld Bridal and try one on for yourself. Then you will understand the obsession. 

Written by: Jazmine Keels

Photography by: Alexander Lipkin & Joseph Lin (black and white photo)