The Flared Bottom

While mermaid does specify a certain type of gown silhouette it does not explain the huge variety that brides really have when it comes to mermaid gowns. Yes, for a standard mermaid gown the bottom of the gown is flared out dramatically as to mimic a mermaid tail. However, this flare can take on many different looks. It could be a solid tulle skirt or a dazzling ruffled flare. It could be a “torn” looking layered skirt or a  softer look with soft cascading layers of organza. There are so many different styles and attitudes that the bottom of a mermaid gown can evoke that I am confident there is something that perfectly matches your bridal day style if you have your heart set on a mermaid gown.

As per usual everything really boils down to the designer. A celebrator of femininity and the female form, Pnina Tornai knows how to make a gown to suit any body type. Her mermaid gowns are as stunning and elegant as she is. If you decide a mermaid style is the gown of your wedding dreams, then I guarantee you – she has a gown for you. Equal parts fabulous and magical: just like a mermaid. 

Written by: Jazmine Keels

Photography by: Alexander Lipkin (Editorials: Fragile, LOVE, Dimensions, and Wind Upon Water), Duke Photography for Strictly Weddings (Central Park, Lace Gown), & Jamie Levine Photography (grey background)