If an entirely lace gown is not your thing, a gown can be beautifully enhanced with lace accents and detailing. One of my favorite parts of a gown to incorporate lace is on the trim of the gown's train. A cathedral length train on a gown is simply stunning when finished off with lace detailing. Another great way to mix lace into your wedding gown is on the corset area. A gown that is lace on the top and a shining satin organza on the bottom is a dynamic combination. Lastly, lace straps or illusion sleeves are a unique and modern twist on a classically traditional gown detail. 

Lace is a gorgeous and exquisite fabric and I love seeing it make a glorious comeback into the forefront of the bridal fashion scene. The versatility and timelessness of lace cannot be denied. After all, it is the fabric of romance and love. 

Photography by: AGI Studio (Bride: Christina), InFocus Pro Photography (Bride: Ally), Alexander Lipkin (Editorials)