Listen To Your Heart

I know that that sounds totally cliché, but when it comes to planning this extra special event in your life it holds true. While its always nice to soak in ideas and inspiration from outside sources, you also need to figure out what your own heart desires. Think of things that you love like different color schemes and wedding gown designs and figure out what works for you. Then get creative and bring your different ideas to life! Nothing is too big or too out there for your wedding day (trust me I have seen some very interesting stuff), so discover what makes your heart happiest and draw your inspiration for your wedding day from that. 

Your wedding day will be one of the most special days in your life so don't be afraid to make it just that: special! Do your research and then bring your big ideas to life in a way that makes your heart flutter. You will hopefully only be doing this once, so do it the way you want so that it is everything you have ever dreamed of and more. 

Photos via: @rymondtn (blue cake), @loverly/@taramilktea/@lepetitrose_au (pink strawberries), @wedding.pages/@lovinghautecouture/@novikovamasha (pink gazebo), MODWEDDING (pink cake by Cotton and Crumbs  )