In my opinion the most important thing when it comes to your bridesmaids’ gowns is that every bridesmaid feels beautiful in the gown they are wearing. Not only will your friends appreciate your consideration, but it will help tremendously when it comes to how they feel and act on your wedding day and how their smiles convey in photos. No one wants a photo album full of misdressed brides and fake smiles! 

Lastly, make sure that the style of the gowns match the essence of your gown and the vibe you are going for on your wedding day. It would look weird to have you in a fun and whimsical handkerchief gown for your beach wedding with bridesmaids wearing floor length, fitted satin gowns. Make sure that everything has a very cohesive look and feel to it so that everything looks picture perfect on your special day. 

While their gowns are second in importance to your own, the gowns your bridesmaids wear will be standing right beside you as you exchange your I do’s. Have fun shopping with your favorite girls and make sure your whole bridal party is slaying together on your wedding day! 

Photography by: Alba Pro, Amy Rizzuto Photography, Bénedicté Verley Photography, Eclipse Photography, Hunter Ryan Photo, & InFocus Pro Photography