The first change was to add elegant buttons down the back of the gown since it was a detail Alicia had always wanted. Next, going for more of a traditional look, Alicia changed the lining of the gown from nude to white to match the satin of the rest of the dress. Lastly, during another visit to the salon, Pnina Tornai's boutique manager, Ally McGown, showed Alicia the draped crystals that could be added to the gown. This dazzling final touch was the icing on the fabulous cake for Alicia and she was thrilled with her new custom creation. 

“Once I saw that (the added crystals) it made the dress even more special for me,” Alicia fondly recalls. 

The dress Alicia had created with the Pnina Tornai team was truly something special indeed. A striking gown on it's own, the gown was now a magnificent mix of modern sensuality and traditional beauty. To add even more drama to her wedding day attire, Alicia completed her look with a raw-cut, cathedral length Pnina Tornai veil. The veil added an enchanting touch of vintage glamour to her look while still allowing the gown to be seen. 

When Alicia's wedding day finally arrived, she was absolutely dazzling in her mesmerizing and enchanting gown. Alicia beamed from the inside out and her happiness was apparent as she and Robert strolled through Historic Richmond in Staten Island. Showered with compliments from her awestruck husband, Alicia knew she had made the right choice in fashion and in love.  

Written by: Jazmine Keels

Photography by: The Bleu Studio