3. Your stylish friend. Now I know this seems bizarre but trust me, you want this friend at your gown appointment. We all have that friend in our group who is more into fashion and stylishly inclined than the rest of us. The reason you want this friend at your appointment is because he or she can envision and bring together the criteria you want in your dream dress and help you pick out designers, silhouettes, and accessories to help bring your vision to life. I know you're probably thinking “isn't that what consultants are for,” but this friend is like your wonderful mouthpiece. They know all the gown jargon and can help verbalize what you are looking for to the different consultants you encounter as you progress in your gown shopping journey. Consider this friend your wedding dress shopping ambassador, there to bridge the gap between you and the consultant and to tell you when you look absolutely fabulous or when it's time to move on to the next dress.

4. Last, but certainly not least, your wildcard. This person is there for whatever reason you want and while they may not contribute much to helping you choose the dress, you just couldn't imagine gown shopping without them. Maybe it's your dad who really wanted to go or that sweet friend that always makes you feel good no matter what. I am saying if you want them there, bring them! Sometimes we just want certain people there and that is ok. Just don't have too many of these (that's why I said ONE wildcard) because things can get a bit confusing and out of hand. 

Gown shopping is and should be a wonderful and exciting experience for you. Choosing the right people to join you on this adventure is crucial to your shopping success (trust me, I know). This little list should contains the perfet amount of people to bring with you, although if you choose to add more to your posse just remember that too large a party could equal choas. Keep your party small and intimate so that everyone else is surpised when they see you walk down the aisle in all of your bridal beauty and your shopping posse can relive that moment of when you said yes to the dress. 

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