“Anything different calls my name. There was no way that I could cover that up,” Kate passionately explains. 

Last but not least there were the subtle but eye-catching crystal embellishments that adorned the entire gown. They added the perfect touch of sparkle to Kate's wedding day look, catching the light no matter which way she turned. The bling on the gown paired flawlessly with the crystal vine headpiece that Kate decided to wear on her wedding day. 

The venue that Kate had chosen for her wedding day, the Garden City Hotel, had a lot of the old classic beauty the Kate loved. Her gown, though full of modern touches, had a classic and romantic feel to it as well and looked perfectly in place while Kate danced out on the dance floor. Surrounded by beautiful purple hydrangeas and other white and blush flowers, the scene was set ideally for a romantic reception.

Feeling like the most beautiful bride, all of Kate's planning had come together on her wedding day. While her choice of gown may have been a complete surprise Kate was sure that she had made not one, but two right choices that day the moment she said I do. 

Written by: Jazmine Keels

Photography by: Gina Esposito of Anée Atelier