Not only did the gown give Ashlei the sexy and confident vibes that she desired, but it also fit in with the venue and the overall ambiance of the wedding. Utilizing a lot of florals, candles, and bringing in dark natural colors, Ashlei and Tyler created a very intimate and emotional setting for their wedding day. To play off of this vibe, Ashlei's hairstylist added beautiful floral buds into Ashlei's whimsical braided up-do. “It really brought me into my wedding day style,” Ashlei explains. Other than that Ashlei kept it simple, only adding small earrings to her look, making sure to not distract from her in the gown.

Ashlei gushes, “When I was standing up there on that altar my gown stood out!” 

Ashlei looked and felt confident on her wedding day, like nothing in the world could stop her. Seeing his wife in the gown that day, Tyler says he thought his wife looked fearless! Even while they were taking photos and Ashlei's gown was getting a little muddy (gasp), Tyler smiled and told Ashlei to embrace it! Ashlei gladly took it in stride remarking that her gown looked beautiful even if it got a little mud on the edges!

Looking simply radiant in her alluring lace sheath gown, Ashlei was ready to take on this new chapter in her life. That day, Ashlei and Tyler truly felt fearless! 

Written by: Jazmine Keels

Photography by: James Frost Photographic Services