4. Long trains! A dramatic flourish is never a bad thing, but there is something special about seeing a cathedral length train draped along the snow. It truly takes your look to the next level!

5. Accessorize! This doesn't have so much to do with the gown but more so how you complete your wedding day look. A luxurious faux fur shawl or coat helps keep you warm and gives your gown an air of elegance. For a truly ethereal look, add a cathedral length veil as well. It will look magical blowing in the wind and makes for enchanting in wedding photos. 

  I know it seems like I chose a lot of these elements because of how they look against the snow (fingers crossed there is some) but all of these things are still wonderful for winter weddings even if yours is sans snow! They all evoke the winter spirit and as long as you love the gown you are in, that is all that matters in the end. Good luck to my brides on your winter gown search and make sure to send me all of the wonderful pictures afterwards! 

Photos via: Asico Photo, Julian Gyula Zacsfalvi, Premier Digital Photography & Wedding Films, Steven Dray Images, & Oak + Pearl Photo