Focused on creating the best atmosphere and experience possible for the newlyweds, Marcus and his band are constantly surveying the crowd, gauging the mood and energy and then giving the energy needed to keep the party going. With all personally selected, high quality musicians performing with him, Marcus and the band are constantly using their exceptional skills and on-stage chemistry to give their clients a once in a lifetime experience to remember. 

Giving it all they've got at each and every wedding, the Marcus Reid Band wants the entire wedding to walk away feeling like that was the best time they've ever had at a wedding. While the guests walk away feeling happy (and exhausted from all the dancing lol) the band gets something special from the occasion too.

“My favorite part is when I’m in the middle of the crowd with the bride and groom and all you see around you is every guest at the wedding on the dance floor surrounding the bride and groom having the time of their lives dancing and partying like it is the best time they have ever had in their entire lives! It's not the easiest to describe, but it's truly a feeling like nothing you can imagine. You have to be there in that moment!” 

When your wedding day comes around you want it to be special and the Marcus Reid Band is here to make sure you leave feeling just that: special!

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Photos courtesy of Marcus Reid Band & InFocus Pro Photography