Louise had found the perfect dress for her fun and carefree beach wedding. She knew going into the dress shopping experience that she wanted a strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline. With her chosen gown she could check those two things off of her list. One of the most important factors of the dress for Louise was that she could be comfortable and relaxed in her gown. This gown gave her the best of both worlds. The fitted satin top of the gown gave her the modern and subtly sexy vibe that she was looking for while the loose tulle skirt gave her the fun and comfortable feel that she desired.

To make the gown more of her own, Louise did make some customizations. Originally, the gown had a few rosettes on the back at the top of the skirt. Louise opted to have the rosettes removed along with the corset closure on the back of the gown and replaced them both with buttons instead. She also had the back lowered a bit to add a touch more of sexiness to the gown. Although Louise was initially worried that the full ball gown skirt might drown her out, it turned out to be just the right amount of tulle so she decided to leave that as is. 

For the finishing touches Louise kept it simple. She wore her hair down and in loose beachy curls which went well with her beach setting. She wore drop earrings with a touch of gold and pearl to add some elegant accents to her wedding day look. Lastly, Louise wore a lovely lace veil which gave a traditional feel to her modern ball gown. With everything coming together just as Louise had wished, when it came time to walk down the aisle she felt at her absolute best!

“I just felt like myself. I felt very happy and comfortable and that I could be really fun in the dress,” Louise fondly remembers, “I felt like the best version of myself and that is what a gown should do for all brides!”

On a beautiful beach in their favorite town of Boca Grande, Chris and Louise danced the night away in a sea of hydrangeas and bathed in candlelight. Louise’s gown was ideal for the setting and helped to the set the tone for the fun and romantic celebration of her and Chris’ union. Louise looked and felt her best in her enchanting ball gown and with her new husband by her side things could not have been any better.  

Photography by Hunter Ryan Photo

Written by Jazmine Keels