Now onto modern styles and characteristics:

·Mermaid gowns

·Gowns with detachable skirts

·More bling (the more the better, right?)


·Straps or sleeves (I know they are considered traditional but they're making a comback and we are so here for that!)

·Low back

·Illusion material/corsets

·Textured skirts

·Halter or deep-V necklines

·High-low gowns

·Gowns with color (i.e. blush, champagne, red)

You are probably reading these lists and are thinking, I like some things and don’t like some things from both lists and that’s ok! Most brides are a good mix of the two while some favor one style above and beyond the other. This list should give you a general idea of what your personal preference may be like and then you can customize it from there. Lucky for you, I’ve got you covered no matter which style of dress you choose!