“I couldn't stop looking at photos of me in this dress and zooming in on the details,” Samantha remembers. 

Samantha still needed a little bit of a push before making this special and important purchase. In the end, it was her grandma that gave her the advice she needed, letting Samantha know that if her late mother was still around that would have been the gown she would have picked for Samantha. With everyone's approval and blessing, Samantha said yes to her dream dress. 

If you want to feel like royalty then you have to dress like royalty and in this gown Samantha definitely looked like royalty. Even though Samantha was not wearing a traditional ball gown, Samantha's mermaid gown made a statement all its own. The extravagant train alone on the gown was enough to garner plenty of “oohs” and “ahhs”. Then there was the intricate lace detailing on the gown. Lastly, Pnina Tornai wanted to do something special for Samantha, so she added some custom beading to the corset of the gown. Looking so exquisite and beautiful, it was impossible to not be mesmerized upon seeing Samantha in her dream dress.

Samantha fondly explains, “As I turned you could see the shimmer effect and it made the gown really special for me.”

The surprises kept coming for Samantha who was gifted a Pnina Tornai veil by her future in-laws to complete her wedding day look. Loving the way that the veil matched so perfectly with the gown, Samantha called Pnina's boutique manager to purchase the veil. It was then that she found out about the amazing gift her in-laws had given her. The cathedral length veil proved to be just what Samantha needed to take her bridal look to the next level. 

Feeling sexy, classy and elegant all at the same time, Samantha was ready to marry the love of her life in the gown of her dreams. With absolutely no regrets, Samantha was confident in her choice of gown and her choice in love. 

Photography by: Ronnie Scavetta for Ricky Restiano Photography  

Written by: Jazmine Keels