Refusing to believe that she could have found “the one” gown so soon and worried she might be missing out on other gowns, Nadia continued to try on other dresses. This however was to no avail. The other gowns could not compare to the one that had stolen her heart, so Nadia slipped into the enchanting gown one more time. This time the consultants helped to paint the picture for Nadia and completed her look with some jewelry and a veil. Once Nadia saw herself and turned around to show her family and friends who instantly burst into tears, Nadia knew that this gown was the one she had been dreaming of.

Nadia gushes, “Nothing made me feel like a Pnina Tornai gown did!”

Nadia said yes to a drop waist ball gown with crystal and beaded embellishments and a tulle skirt fit for a queen. Initially the gown had a sheer corset, but after conversing with her friends and family and taking into consideration their church wedding, Nadia opted the have the corset of the gown lined. This helped to create the regal look that Nadia was going for on her special day. 

In love with everything about this gown, Nadia could see it fitting perfectly into her winter wonderland wedding. For her, the tulle reminded her of light and airy falling snow, which is her favorite part of the Christmas season. The light but still prominent embellishments were like the shimmer and sparkle when the sun hits the snow. It also gave Nadia the bling she had desired from the beginning without being too overwhelming like it was on other gowns. 

To complete the look, Nadia chose to wear her hair up and adorned with a crystal headband and a veil. The crystal headband was a wonderful substitute for a necklace, not distracting from the gown but letting Nadia's face also have some shine (besides her gorgeous smile that is). 

On Nadia's wedding day everything felt just like a fairytale. From wedding her soulmate to wearing her magical dream dress, this day was absolute perfection for Nadia. Here's to hoping that her and her love live happily ever after! 

Photography by: Lyndah Wells Photography

Written by: Jazmine Keels