Alyssa recalls, “Pnina Tornai said to me 'This dress was made for you and your body type. It is what I envisioned when I made this dress.' I was so excited and ecstatic after that!” 

Alyssa said yes to the stunning and chic gown that had caused all eyes to be on her. There was so much to love about this dress, the main thing being that it so effortlessly fit into her old Hollywood theme for her wedding day. Wanting everything to be elegant and glamorous, Alyssa's gown needed to live up to the grandeur and style of the day. The fit was ideal since it was comfortable for her to be in all day and matched the type of refined elegance that she was going for. 

All the details about this gown came together in a way that made it the right choice for Alyssa. Initially wanting a backless gown, the illusion back of the gown she chose ending up being so much more functional throughout the day. Alyssa could walk around all day and dance all night without having to worry about constantly adjusting her gown. The bling on the dress was subtle but added the right amount of sparkle that her gown needed, especially when standing next to her shimmering bridesmaids. To add to the sparkle, Alyssa wore lovely Kendra Scott earrings that her husband gifted her for their special day. With her look complete, this dress delivered on the “wow” factor.

“I wanted something that when I walked down the aisle people went WHOA,” explains Alyssa. 

There was certainly no shortage of “whoas” as Alyssa walked down the aisle. Alyssa felt like a movie star that day which was how she had always dreamt she would feel on her wedding day. Looking back at her photos of the big day, Alyssa loves how well the gown photographed and still reminisces on how glamorous she felt in the dress. Just like the movie stars of old Hollywood, Alyssa's look will always been timeless and in style. 

Photography by: Eliza Kennard Photography

Written by: Jazmine Keels