For spring or summer I think that a textured rosette skirt on a gown is absolutely amazing. It's the time of year when not only are florals on trend, but they also mirror the beautiful ambiance that nature provides during the season. You can have them as the whole skirt, as floral pickups on the skirt, or go for large ones as an elegant accent to the back of a ball gown. Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong with this romantic way to enhance you bridal look.

Another one of my favorites is a pleated ball gown skirt. Ball gowns already have an air of extravagance to them and I think that having a pleated bottom is a fun twist on an old classic. You can either have a regular pleated tulle skirt or maybe add a little extra femininity by adding lace into the tulle pleats. Not only is it dimensionally appealing, but it is also a beautiful added detail to set your gown apart from the rest. This will give your groom and wedding guests something unique to look at while you are walking down the aisle. 

Your wedding gown should be a perfect reflection of your own personal style and no matter whether you like something more understated or a little more on the wild side, just know that I've got you covered in fabulous style.