Interesting note: Fran and Sam had a traditional Orthodox Jewish wedding which may surprise you considering she wore an illusion corseted gown. It turns out that Fran was originally planning on having the corset lined but once the rest of the women in her family saw her in the gown, every one of them insisted that she leave the gown unlined. They believed that lining the corset would take away from the wonderful lace detailing and didn't at all think that the tiny part of the corset that was unlined was too sexy for the ceremony. In the end, Fran's family was right because the lace detailing was immaculate and the illusion part of the corset was barely noticeable at all! 

With her dream gown picked out and her lilac bridesmaids in tow, Fran was ready to have her picture perfect wedding. With all of the fall colors on the trees in Central Park, Fran's rosette-skirted gown mixed perfectly with her autumn setting. Since her walk down the aisle would be her first time seeing Sam in a while, Fran’s excitement grew as she put on her gown and she couldn't wait to marry the love of her life. 

According to Fran, after the bride and groom say their I do's in a traditional Orthodox Jewish wedding, they are locked in a room together since it is technically the first time they are allowed to be alone in a locked room together. Fran and Sam kept this tradition and after saying their I do's they were locked in a tiny closet-like room together where they got to spend a few moments on their special day alone as couple. 

“I remember him being there and then the gorgeous poof of white that was my beautiful Pnina Tornai dress and him saying how beautiful I was,” reminisces Fran of one of her favorite wedding day moments. 

When everything comes together like it did for Fran and Sam's special day—the gown, the venue, the ceremony — it's no wonder they remember the day as being truly magical.

Photography by: Amy Rizzuto Photography 

Written by: Jazmine Keels