Another option is to get a longer, more demure gown for the ceremony and to wear something short and fun for the reception. If you are wearing a form-fitting sheath gown or perhaps a mermaid gown for the reception you might find it to be a bit too restrictive if you really plan on dancing the night away. A short and flirty mini-dress or a fabulous white jumpsuit would be the perfect solution for your wedding reception, allowing you the flexibility to dance. Not to mention it’s an added surprise for your guests! 

Having two ceremonies would also be another great reason to wear two gowns. A change of venue and scenery could leave you feeling that maybe the gown you chose does not have the right vibe for both venues. In this case you could wear a ball gown or a formfitting silhouette for the ceremony that is a bit more fancy or extravagant. Then you could switch into a nice high-low gown or soft handkerchief ball gown that still feels very bridal but has more of a beachy or relaxed vibe for a more casual setting.

I’ve always loved movies that have a lot of glamorous outfit changes so why not feel like a movie star on your special day. The wedding aisle is your runway and the reception is your afterparty and I will make sure you are looking fabulous for both! 

Stay fabulous my loves,

Pnina Tornai