2) Can you afford this gown? I’m all for splurging a bit for what you truly want, but sometimes some things, in this instance gowns, are just not in the budget. Figure out before hand what you can honestly live with spending on the gown and stick to it. Something I do when I’m shopping is I give myself a budget and then give myself a max-budget. The max budget is what I absolutely will not go above no matter what. That way as long as I am underneath that number I can still feel good about my purchase even if it is above my initial budget. Bonus tip: look for designer’s diffusion line like my LOVE by Pnina Tornai line. That way you can still get your dream gown from your favorite designer but at a steal!

3) Is this gown everything you dreamed of and more? You can fall in love with and afford a lot of different gowns but is this gown “THE ONE”? Does it give you butterflies in your stomach? Did it make you cry (if you’re a crier and maybe even if you aren’t)? The gown you choose will be the gown that you see in all of your wedding pictures and that you should remember with the utmost fondness. My point: DO NOT SETTLE! Your dream gown is out there waiting for you to come try it on and realize that you could wear it everyday for the rest of your life. Therefore, make sure that you completely love the gown, that it fits in your budget, and that this gown surpasses anything you could have dreamed of but at the same time is everything you could have dreamed of and more!

Look, hopefully you will only be getting married once so the dress that you choose should be as special to you as the occasion will be. So before you make your final decision consider these few things, take a breath, and then say yes!

Photography by: AlbaPro, Graham Terhune Photography, Jamie Levine Photography, Christian Oth Studio