While you are waiting for your appointment date with the superb Dr. Devgan, here are a few things she recommends brides do and/or consider when preparing for this big day.

1. Get on a good skin and beauty regimen. Starting this process months in advance will be a great way to get your skin healthy and glowing by the time the wedding comes around. There are numerous products and dietary/lifestyle changes that you can make to help reduce some of the natural and environmental wear that everyone's skin experiences.

2. Optimize your complexion. One way that Dr. Devgan can help with this is by giving you a chemical peel. This helps to remove the worn out top layer of skin on our faces to reveal the beautiful and fresh new layer underneath. This can help with things like acne and crows feet. Keep in mind however that this should be done at least a couple months ahead of the wedding. No one wants an unexpected cosmetic surprise on their big day, am I right?

3. Erase some of those stress lines or even reduce sweating with light botox injections. Dr. Devgan does what is called micro-droplet injections which are just tiny fillers that help to smooth and soften those lines created by our daily facial expressions and movements. If you're looking to reduce underarm sweat so that you can dance the night away without a care in the world, Dr. Devgan can also do targeted injections into the armpits to help reduce the sweat. 

4. Worried about your side profile if you decide to wear your hair up? This is actually something that has been an insecurity of mine since I was a child. What's great now though is that instead of getting an invasive surgery to get the look I want, I can get non-surgical rhinoplasty with a few injectable fillers. How cool is that?

The face is like a human sculpture and should be treated with as much love and care as one. Having the right doctor makes all the difference from you looking wedding day ready or looking like Barbie gone wrong! We all want to look our best on our wedding day and if this is the route you choose, find out what works best for you and find yourself an amazing doctor like I've found with Dr. Devgan who makes you feel comfortable and takes the greatest care in making you look like the best version of you. After all, you're going to want look just as amazing as the Pnina Tornai gown you've chosen to wear! ;) 

Stay fabulous my loves,

Pnina Tornai