Pleased with the sultry simplicity of the gown, Marla emerged from the dressing room to show the dress to her shopping partners. To her great surprise, Marla's mom began to immediately cry upon seeing her in the gown. There was no doubting the beauty of the gown but Marla was having trouble with believing that the first gown she had ever tried on could be “the one.” However, after trying on a few other gowns, nothing could compare and Marla was ready to say yes to her dream dress!

A stunning sheath gown with an open back, lace detailing around the neckline and a cathedral train, this dress was everything Marla had dreamed of for her wedding gown. The dress draped and hung perfectly on her slender silhouette. It was the right amount of fitted without being too tight which gave the gown the elegant and bridal feel that Marla was going for. The dress struck the perfect balance of simplicity and detailing for this chic bride.

With an industrial backdrop complimented by soft and romantic pastel floral arrangements, Marla was ready to marry her love Jordy in her exquisite wedding gown. Like the flowers, the gown brought a wonderfully feminine touch to the venue and looked amazing when contrasted against the industrial looking background. To compliment her gown, Marla's bridesmaids were gorgeous in their champagne colored bridesmaid gowns, which looked lovely next to Marla's white wedding dress.

Everything had fallen into place for Marla and was sheer perfection on her wedding day. She reminisces fondly of the calm energy of the day and how she felt very assured and peaceful about the decisions she had made leading up to this special day. Adorned in the gown of her dreams, Marla felt exactly how every bride hopes to feel on their wedding day: “I felt like myself. I felt that my dress fit me perfectly; who I was, who I wanted to be on my wedding day – it was perfect!”

Smiling from ear to ear and beaming in her enchanting wedding gown, Marla danced the night away in the arms of her love, Jordy, happy in life and in love.

Photography by: J. Bobe Photography

Written by: Jazmine Keels