The gown was a strapless lace embroidered sheath gown with sheer corset and a nude slip underneath the skirt. The dress had everything that Kristina was looking for in a gown. For starters, it had the boning in the corset that she wanted which gave her an amazing shape in the dress. It also gave her the support that she needed up top since the gown was strapless, which is exactly what Kristina desired. In addition, the corset had the sheer component that may have intimidated other brides, but was right up Kristina's alley. She loved the nontraditional feel that the gown had. To top it all off the nude underskirt of the gown matched Kristina's skin tone splendidly and was an excellent finishing touch to the gown. 

Kristina put on the exquisite dress and was in love!            

Kristina fondly remembers, “I didn’t think I would have that cliché moment of crying, but as soon as I put it on and they put the cathedral veil on I was like oh my gosh this is the one!”            

After deciding that this gown was the one it was all about the finishing touches for Kristina. Since the wedding would be on the beach, she knew that she would go barefoot for her special day. Initially thinking that she wanted the shorter veil, Kristina was thrilled on her wedding day that she went with her consultant's recommendation to get the cathedral length Pnina Tornai veil. The veil flowed beautifully behind her as she walked down the aisle to wed her soulmate.              

With the gown, the wedding venue, and the wedding photographer picked out, Kristina didn't have a single worry about her wedding day. In fact, those were the only parts of her wedding that Kristina had planned out! Crazy fun fact – Kristina's whole wedding besides those major details weredecided on and put together in two hours a mere two days before her wedding when she arrived in Punta Cana! This bride was truly embracing the bohemian way in staying calm and relaxed, trusting in love and that all would turn out how it should be! “How can anything not be right though,” Kristina recalls thinking and from the way she looked 

in the gown and the way her now husband look at her - she was right!

Photography by: Connection Photography

Written by: Jazmine Keels