Everything about the gown amazed and thrilled Jennifer. The fit of the gown could not have been more perfect. It covered yet accentuated her body in the way only a Pnina Tornai gown can and the lace was not too heavy for the bride despite its ornate appearance. Tailored exquisitely to her body, the gown gave Jennifer just the hourglass figure she desired.

In addition to the excellent fit of the gown, the intricate and breathtaking detailing of the French lace made it special and unique. Fun fact: Jennifer loved the detailing of the lace so much that she decided to use the same pattern for her invitations. Jennifer and her planner asked the Pnina Tornai team for a swatch of the lace and then used the pattern for the lace detailing on her invitations. It mimicked the lace on the gown perfectly, creating a wonderful symmetry.

Lastly, were the gorgeous tennis bracelet straps. As a nice touch of sparkle added to the gown, Jennifer loved the straps for the femininity that they added to the dress. To showcase the straps, Jennifer wore her hair up in an elegant yet sporty ponytail that she believed complimented the underlying “sporty” vibe that the dress had. Feminine, elegant, sporty and romantic – Jennifer had truly found everything she was looking for in this one amazing gown. 

The femininity and modernity of the gown played very well with the upscale location for their wedding and reception. With tones of blush for a softer feel and gold to mimic their desert setting, the gown fit in splendidly with its classic and upscale vibe. The train on the gown also added the ideal amount of dramatic flare to the gown, which paired well with their dazzling rooftop wedding. 

When it came time for Jennifer to marry her soulmate Aaron in her dynamic dream dress, she felt how every bride hopes to feel on her special day:

“I felt like me! I felt Pnina was able to create a dress in which I was able to feel confident, and beautiful, and athletic, and like me,” Jennifer fondly exclaims. 

Confident and comfortable in her beautiful French lace gown, Jennifer's heart was full of happiness and love and she began the start of her new wedded life. 

Photography by: altf Photographers

Written by: Jazmine Keels