For brides wanting a more smooth and streamlined silhouette for their wedding day, corsets do wonders when a part of a sleek and sexy sheath gown. Curve hugging and formfitting, it's natural to want to make sure that every curve is in place and on it's best behavior when on display. Corsets give you the confidence that everything looks just as it should on your special day. Did I also mention that when the corset is laced up in the back it can add a beautiful accent to your gown if tied in a bow? It’s a great mix of sophistication and whimsy all in one gown. 

Another magnificent thing about corsets is that they come in all different styles, shapes, and sizes. Lace corsets are wonderful for the romantic bride. Sheer corsets are ideal for the daring bride looking for that extra va-va-voom on her wedding day. I am particularly fond of illusion corsets, which create a stunning optical illusion on the gown, showcasing a classy amount of skin without being too revealing. 

No matter what your personal gown preference may be, there is an excellent corset option just waiting to enhance your dream wedding dress. So regal, classy and elegant, I know that you will love the look and the feeling these gown enhancers bring to your bridal attire. Just make sure to send me pictures of you looking fabulous on your special day! 

Stay gorgeous my loves!