One way to do floral – inspired shoes is to do a vine inspired design. Or you could go very literal having a floral design with crystal embellishments or crystal embellishments in the shape of a flower!

For my fun and flirty brides there are a few wonderful options such as custom heels with a bow or a butterfly adorning them that add a unique twist to bridal shoe style.

Lastly you can off course keep the crystal embellishments nice and simple for a more classical bridal look. No matter which way you decide to go your guests are sure to gasp in amazement and shower you with compliments when they see your breathtaking Pnina Tornai heels.

Lastly, did I mention that the heels from the shoe line are customizable? Tha's right – you can custom design your Pnina Tornai Shoe Line heels to match your dream gown! Keeping my amazing brides and the highest of quality in mind, this shoe line was designed so that women could feel confident and comfortable on one of the most important days of their lives one fabulous step at a time.