A lover of all things classic Disney, Shannon was immediately drawn to the gown's bow, which reminded her of Minnie Mouse.

“The bow sold me right away,” Nicole recalls. “Never did I think that a bow that large could look so high fashion!” 

Having tried on the princess ball gown with a few Disney touches, Nicole was completely enchanted and said yes to the stunning satin, crystal embellished ball gown of her dreams.

To enhance the already majestic gown, Nicole was happy to learn that she could make a couple custom changes to make the gown her own at a very reasonable price. To start, Nicole added a hoop skirt under the gown to give it the rounded ball gown look she desired.

“I asked them to give me the largest hoop skirt possible,” remembers Nicole. 

Next, instead of the straight across strapless neckline, Nicole asked that it be modified to a sweetheart neckline. With these customs touches made to the gown, Nicole fell even more in love with her dream gown. 

Initially thinking that she would like to wear a sexier, more fitted gown to the reception, this idea changed immediately when Nichole tried on her gown in her fittings. 

Nicole gushes, “I would wear this gown everyday!” 

To finish her bridal look, Nicole added a crystal trimmed Pnina Tornai veil to her ensemble. Knowing that her amazing custom ball gown would be all she needed and more on her special day, Nicole was ready to wed her true love.

Nicole's wedding day had arrived and she was ready to wear her dream ball gown to her fairytale wedding. When it came time to put on her custom gown, it left Nicole speechless!

“It was very princessy and very sexy at the same time. Everything just popped,” exclaims Nicole about her sparkling gown.

The gown had the larger than life hoop skirt of her dreams and the corseted silhouette and neckline that she had hoped for. With the gown on and a smile across her face, it was time for Nicole to do a first look with the groom. 

Walking across the Grand Floridian Hotel to meet up with her husband Michael, Nicole remembers people stopping in their tracks to get a look at her in the radiant ball gown. In fact, Nicole says that people began clapping for her as she crossed the hotel to meet her future husband. Little girls were even exclaiming to their parents that a princess was getting married! 

These type of reactions carried on all day for Nicole from the first look with her husband, to the carriage ride to the wedding pavilion, and finally when heading to the reception at Epcot. Even Disney cast members were complimenting the Pnina bride on her grand ball gown, including a staff member who told Nicole's mom that out of all the years she had worked at Disney, she had never seen a ball gown as perfect as Nicole's. 

In the sweetheart neckline, crystal embellished ball gown that surpassed her wildest dreams, Nicole had brought her royal wedding dreams to reality. 

“Up until trying on that gown, I couldn't imagine looking like that,” Nicole fondly recalls, “It made me feel the way that I had always wanted to feel.”

The princess of her own fairytale, Nicole began her new wedded life with sparkle on her gown and in her heart. 

Photography by: Root Photography and Disney Fine Art Photography 

Written by: Jazmine Keels