3.) DON’T count on yourself to manage your social media accounts on your big day. DO hand over your iPhone to a trusted bridesmaid…God created them for a reason!

4.) DON’T invite your weird aunt who always gets plastered at family functions. DO yourself and your guests, a favor!

5.) DON’T starve yourself in the weeks before the wedding. DO workout and eat healthy! Sticking to a balanced eating plan like Nutrisystem will help you eat healthfully no matter how busy you are!

6.) DON’T spend all of your money on your wedding. DO spend it on your gown! It will live on in pictures forever.

7.) DON’T get drunk on your wedding day. You want to make sure you remember it all! Hey, you may not have a second chance to get married. And if you do plan on getting drunk, don’t invite your ex as an idea for closure…

8.) My best tip by far? DON’T get married and if you do, don’t worry…it won’t be the last time!

All jokes aside, I hope this gave you at least a laugh! Remember to take a deep breath and not get so stressed. XO, Pnina 

Photography credit:

Premier Digital

Brett Matthews 

Melissa Desjardins 

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