Criteria#2: She wanted to see her shoes. "If I'm going to spend my money on awesome shoes then I wanted to see them", Sammie explains . Her layered ball gown was ideal for the bride who wanted to show off her stunning shoes, which so perfectly complimented her dress.

Criteria#3: She really wanted to use the bathroom by herself! While most brides overlook this practical request, Sammie's previous experience undressing brides had helped her to realize that her ability to go to the bathroom alone was a must have. Interesting fact: to make sure this goal was actually achievable  in her gown, Sammie squatted in every gown she tried on.

"If I can squat, then I can pee" she exclaimed!

I think it's safe to say Sammie could move freely in her flowing Pnina gown.

Though she tried on many dresses, Sammie only had to try on one Pnina Tornai gown to find her perfect wedding dress. Stuck between two dresses, it was advice from her consultant, Lisa Fuhrman, that helped her pick THE dress.

Sammie recalls, "She took my father aside and told him to stop commenting on the dresses and just see my reaction when I tried them both on. I guess I had such a big smile on my face in the Pnina dress that my dad was just like, 'ok where's the bill?'."

To complete the look, Sammie added ribbons to her flower bouquet to mimic the free-flowing nature of her dress. She also styled her hair in a partial updo, with cascading curls that softly complimented her sweetheart neckline.

Having found her perfect dress, and feeling the happiness that comes with it, Sammie's advice for future brides: Make sure you love your dress and buy something that you feel great in! From the look on her face, I'd say she did just that.



Writer: Jazmine Keels 

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