4.)     Avoid excess sodium.

            Chips, pretzels, and pizza, oh my! Salt, we love it and we hate it. Eating too much sodium can lead to water retention, which often leaves us feeling puffy and bloated. To make sure that your wedding band slides smoothly onto your finger for the big day, make sure to keep your sodium in check. We are all for balance over here at Pnina Tornai (we love chips), so no, don’t avoid sodium like the plague, but do make sure not to overdo it, especially in the last days leading up to the wedding.

 5.)  Use a brightening cream.

            For a luminous, more even complexion, use skincare with brightening properties. This will help reverse any sun damage or dark spots and make your wedding-day complexion look fabulous and angelic.

6.)   Don’t sleep with your makeup on.

            We don’t care how late you were out or how tired you are, listen to mom’s wisdom and don’t sleep with your makeup on! This can lead to clogged pores and every bride’s wedding day nightmare…pimples! If you are really that tired, wipe your face with a makeup remover wipe and then follow up with your full skincare routine in the morning.

7.)  Time your facial.

            If you plan to get a facial (ahhhh) before the big day, do plan your appointment at least a week and a half in advance in case your skin reacts to the facial or you get a blemish from toxins and dirt coming to the surface. The same goes for if you are starting a new skincare routine.

8.)  Get plenty of rest.

            I know, I know. Your Pinterest board is calling to you, you can’t sleep because you aren’t sure whether you should’ve gotten roses or peonies (is the florist up at 3 am?), and you’re just excited and nervous all at once. However, you really need your beauty sleep so that your body can repair and restore your skin. Lack of sleep can cause dark circles, bloodshot eyes, and just a general look of being, well, “out of it.” If you toss and turn, try keeping a notebook next to your bed to get all of your thoughts out. This is a great way to silence the stress. Chamomile tea is also calming, as is lavender oil, which can be used with a diffuser or even rubbed into your pulse points. Also, don’t forget to watch your caffeine intake and limit the use of electronics before bed. Blue light can affect your sleep cycle.

9.)  Sleep with your head elevated.

            This is one of our employee’s favorite tips! She recommends sleeping with your head slightly elevated. This helps reduce the chance of fluid pooling around your eyes, leading to puffiness. Of course, you should test this out a few weeks in advanced to avoid a sore neck.

10.) Use an anti-puffiness treatment on the day of your wedding.

            Ah it’s the big day! When you wake up, use an anti-puff eye treatment (usually it comes with a rollerball applicator or it’s a cotton pad) to make sure you look well-rested. The caffeine in these treatments restricts blood vessels for a tighter and firmer appearance. For an even better result, store these in the fridge for a cooling effect that will reduce swelling.


Ok, we HAD to add an extra tip just for good luck (and because we love our fans)!

Being you is the most radiant thing in the world!

No matter what happens on your wedding day, know that you are beautiful always!