“The rosettes are actually what attracted me to the gown,” recalls Carrie, “I wanted to steer myself away from what I thought was the norm.”

The dramatic and upscale gown fit in perfectly with the black tie atmosphere at Carrie and James’ wedding. Not only did the gown fit in, but to Carrie, the gown was the center piece for her bridal and wedding vision. 

“The gown made the wedding come together,” Carrie explains, “It was the center point that reflected the wedding that we wanted and had.” 

To show off the striking pointed V-neckline of the gown, Carrie opted out of wearing a necklace. Instead, Carrie decided to wear her hair down in loose waves to mimic the glamorous ruffles of the dress. Letting the gown speak for itself, Carrie was an astonishing beauty when it came time to walk down the aisle.  

“It was magical. When I put the dress on and was all dolled up I felt sparkling all over like Cinderella, even without the bling!” Looking exquisitely upscale, Carrie wed her beloved with all the style and class of elevated grace. 


Photography by: Akil Bennett Photography 

Writer: Jazmine Keels

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