The Classic “Dinner and a Movie” Date

This time-honored date night ritual is a classic for a reason – there are many different ways to do this classic combo, making the date night a unique experience for you and your date. 

Lets say you do decide to dinner and a movie; make sure that everything is planned in advance. There is nothing worse than having to spend your entire night waiting at a restaurant because you didn't make a reservation. Want to make the date night extra special? Go to dinner somewhere neither of you have been before, perhaps a little local restaurant you both have been dying to try as opposed to a chain restaurant. They may not take reservations, but if you go early enough you just might beat the dinner rush hours and nab yourself a coveted table! 

As for the movie part of the date, this is where you can really change things up. If you do want to see a movie though, I of course recommend going for the romantic movies. There are so many great ones out this time of year and as long as you buy the tickets in advance you and the apple of your eye will both be feeling particularly loving by the end of the night. Perhaps you are looking to shake things up a bit. There are a ton of other fun activities to swap out the movies for. Mini-golf, dancing, a stroll through the park gazing up at the stars – you know what you and your special someone like, so go with your instincts and plan a night you both will remember for a long time to come. 

The Friends or “Girls Night Out” Date

So this year you don't have a romantic date to spend Valentine's Day with – so what! You know who you do have? Your friends! You can always count on them for a great time. Sure you ladies can chill inside with a bottle of wine and Netflix, but it's Valentine's Day! Grab your best girlfriend and go out and paint the town red! There is nothing better than having a totally fabulous girls night out. My suggestion? Get dressed up in one of these fiery red gowns from the Pnina Tornai Evening Couture Line and you ladies treat yourself to a lavish night out on the town. 

Find a fun Valentine's Day event to go to and show up looking your absolute best. With one of these gowns on and your best friend by your side, you can't help but have a great time. Plus, who knows, you may end up finding your date for next year's Valentine's Day! 

No matter how you choose to spend this romantic holiday, I hope that you spend the day surrounded by love. Love is the greatest gift we can give in this world, and I hope you receive all the love you deserve! 

Stay fabulous my loves,

Pnina Tornai