What I Loved

Well for starters, Nutrisystem has some ridiculously delicious food! I always though that there was no way that someone could take my favorite foods, make them healthy and they still be delicious but Nutrisystem has proved me wrong. Throughout this program I enjoyed everything from waffles and french toast to comforting pizza and decadent chocolate cupcakes. I would say that this was one of the high points of the program which helped with me believing that I was not on a diet but indeed making a lifestyle change. 

Another perk of the food was that it was all very quick to make. We've all had those long days where we have absolutely no motivation to cook but do not have any quick healthy options readily available to us. With the Nutrisystem food everything was ready in a matter of minutes which made it much easier to eat healthy when feeling particularly tired or lazy. Just pick whatever you are in the mood for and in the blink of an eye its ready for you to enjoy! 

I honestly can not say enough good things about the tools and support that Nutrisystem provides you with to guide you on your journey. If you recall, I received numerous informative packets at the start of the program that were wonderful in explaining the different components of the program to me and guiding me through my Nutrisystem journey. In addition to that, Nutrisystem has a wonderful app that allows you to keep track of your daily food log right on your smart phone along with many other informative features such as The Leaf and their own newsfeed. 

Last but certainly not least, I can not forget the wonderful weight loss counselors that are available to Nutrisystem members 7 days a week! I found myself becoming particularly fond of the counselors because they helped my stay motivated and stay on track throughout the program. It really is true what they say: it is better to lose weight with a buddy than to try and do it alone. For me, the Nutrisystem weight loss counselors were someone that I could go to because they knew what I was going through and knew exactly what I needed to get through it. I truly don't believe that I could have done it without them. 

What I Didn't Really Love

I believe in keeping things real and honest, so in that spirit I want to share a few things I wasn't so fond of during the program starting with the vegetables. You read that right: I was sick of all the vegetables! To be fair, the amount of vegetables that they want you to eat daily is exacting what you should be eating in an ideal balanced diet which is four servings a day. It's not that I don't like vegetables because I do (especially carrots). It's just that when you are eating vegetables so frequently it is easy to get sick of them. Luckily, Nutrisystem understands if you can not adjust to eating four a day and you can adjust your eating habits as needed. I made sure that at minimum I ate two servings a day and would fit in four on my hungrier days. 

While I listed the readiness of the food as something that I loved about the program, it also came at a cost. In my opinion, if you have a very on – the – go lifestyle and there isn't a microwave wherever you are going, then this program can get a little bit tricky. For someone like me who prefers to spend most of my free time out and about with friends, it's a little difficult to be on a diet that requires some source of heat to eat your food. Nutrisystem does have tasty nutrition bars that you could substitute for breakfast or lunch or you could always use your flex meal. The only catch is most places don't exactly serve the healthiest of food. Nobody wants to go to McDonald's for the salads is all I'm saying! However, if you have a regular routine that allows you to be near a source of heat during your meal times then this shouldn't be a problem for you! 

My Favorite Foods

Yum, yum, yum, yum, YUM! I think that adequately sums up how I felt about the delicious and flavorful food that I ate while on Nutrisystem. While all of the food was absolutely scrumptious there were a few favorites that stuck out to me. Before I divulge my favorites though, let me remind you of the massive amount of food that the wonderful people at Nutrisystem sent me.

Since it is the first meal of the day it makes sense that I start with my breakfast favorites. For me, this had to be the thick slices of french toast and the buttermilk vanilla waffles. There were also a variety of muffins and breakfast bars that were very appetizing such as this cinnamon streusel muffin and the blueberry lemon baked bar. 

Lunch isn't personally my favorite meal of the day but Nutrisystem offered me some good choices to pick from. I enjoyed the three cheese chicken pasta (much to my cheese adverse surprise) and the spicy kung pao noodles which packed a punch of flavor.

For dinner my all time fave had to be the chicken alfredo pasta! It was first time ever trying alfredo sauce and I was not disappointed. I could honestly eat that again and again without getting tired of it. 

Lastly, was the after-dinner snacks that did a stellar job at satisfying my enormous sweet tooth! Anybody that knows me knows that I can not get enough of sweets, especially when it comes to dessert. My top two faves were the red velvet whoopie pie and the chocolate cupcake. They were both so decadently delicious that I would even consider possibly giving up my favorite ice cream for a year if I could replace it with those two wonderful desserts! 

Whatever you have a taste for, no matter how picky of an eater you are, I genuinely believe that you will find plenty of options within the Nutrisystem program that not only satisfy your hunger, but exceed your expectations of what healthy food can taste like. 

The Results

It's finally here. The moment we have all been waiting for: the results. I started off this program weighing in at 223 pounds and after a month on the Nutrisystem program, including their new TurboWeek, I now weigh . . . . . . . . . 214 pounds! That is NINE POUNDS down in only four short weeks! In my opinion, those are some incredible results. I took photos in the same outfit that I did on the first day of my journey so that you guys could see the difference.

I could not be happier with the progress that I have made while on the Nutrisystem program and I plan to continue with my healthy lifestyle change now that my trial run with Nutrisystem is over. I want to thank you wonderful body-positive people for joining me on this journey to a better and healthier self and I hope that I have motivated some of you to take the first steps to living a healthy life. Always remember that with determination and perseverance you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Stay beautiful my loves!