The Consultation

Over the course of this program I had really come to enjoy my weekly consultation call with the Nutrisystem weight loss counselors. It had become the boost that I needed to get me through the week. Their words of motivation and advice on how to stay on course with the program served as a huge help. They helped me figure out ways to mix in more variety when it came to the vegetables that I ate and what foods were good to eat for my flex meals. It was so nice having someone to help guide me through this process and hold me accountable so that I was even more motivated to stay on track. 

The Food

At this point in the program I have eaten my way through almost all of the food I have. Therefore, there weren't many new things to try this week. However, don't confuse this with the amount of food options that Nutrisystem has: because they have A LOT!! Since I'm such a picky eater though there were certain foods that I had asked to be sent to me and the wonderful people at Nutrisystem happily obliged along with sending me some other options they thought I might like based on my preferences. 

By this time you guys already know the deal: Jazmine is obsessed with breakfast and dessert! While the foods you eat in the middle of the day are equally important, I personally believe on starting and ending the day off on a high note. For breakfast my favorite food this week was a delicious whole wheat bagel. To make things even better I got to eat the bagel with some peanut butter spread on it since the Nutrisystem program has you eat a Powerfuel with your breakfast. This had been one of my favorite breakfast dishes that I made before beginning the program so it was nice to eat this delicious and familiar meal while on the program too. 

Dessert this week was a really special treat. First there was this delicious orange creamsicle popsicle. It was creamy and full of flavor which made it a delightfully sweet way to end out the day. 

The dessert that absolutely rocked my sweet world though was this amazingly decadent red velvet whoopie pie. 

In case you weren't aware, red velvet is basically chocolate with red food coloring in it which to me is sassy perfection. Who doesn't love a good pop of color in their food? I know I do! Lucky for me this whoopie pie tasted just as delicious as it looked. The cake was rich and moist and the ice cream in between the cakes was smooth and satisfying. While the dessert may look small (you know how we Americans like things massive and over-sized) it was honestly the perfect size for an after-dinner, before-bed treat! 

The Results

I bet you're wondering how much weight I lost this week aren't you? Well unfortunately I'm going to keep you wondering in suspense until my next and final Nutrisystem blog! I promise you won't want to miss it: I will reveal how much weight I lost in this past month, the pros and cons of Nutrisystem and my overall thoughts on the program. With that being said, see you next blog my loves!