Now, just to be clear, I am all about body positivity. Your weight does not define you and you should never let the number on a scale or the size on a tag rule your life. It's one of the many reasons why I would avoid weighing myself. However, I do believe that health and feeling comfortable and confident in one's own body are both very important things. I was no longer feeling healthy or comfortable with my weight so I decided to make a change.

This is where Nutrisystem came in. I was offered the opportunity to try out their new Turbo10 program, in addition to their regular program, for one month free of charge! I won't go into the specifics but basically this amazing opportunity came at just the right time. I have two best friends getting married next year and in my opinion there is no better motivator to get in shape than wedding pictures that will be looked at again, and again, and again! Therefore, I jumped at the opportunity with excitement; even if that meant sharing something so personal as my weight with complete and total strangers. 

During this process I promise to be completely honest with you all throughout this journey which includes: disclosing my weight, how well I am sticking to the diet, how I  feel while on the diet, and not sucking in my tummy in the pictures I take (because let me tell you, I am the queen of sucking in my belly and making it look natural)! I can't wait to share my progress with you so that if you ever choose to make a change in your weight, you can decide if Nutrisystem is the program for you. 

Initial Thoughts

Nutrisystem does not play around! I realized I would be getting a month's worth of food from them but apparently I was naïve as to what that really looks like. Since you probably don't know either, let me show you:

 I know right! I opened that white cooler and thought that there was no way that I was fitting all of that food in the tiny freezer that I share with my roommate. Somehow though, we made it work thank goodness. 

 Just so you get an idea of what I was sent, here's a list of everything that was included in the cooler and box:

 Breakfast, lunch, and dinner specifically picked for the Turbo10 week, including Turbocrush and Nutricrush shake mixes for the week

 Breakfast , lunch, dinner, and an after dinner snack for the following 3 weeks after the Turbo10 week 

 As I was opening up the boxes and going through the food there were many things that caught my eye. I'm talking about cinnamon rolls, chocolate sundaes, hamburgers and pizza! You read that right: PIZZA! Trust me when I say I was thanking my lucky stars that I would not have to give up these amazing foods for the next month. Anyone who knows me knows there are 2 things I love: sweets and bread! It was such a relief when I saw plenty of food stacked in the boxes that were actually foods that I would want to eat. Seeing those comforting and familiar foods helped to put my slight anxiety at ease.

 I was also sent some amazing informational packets that contained a copious amount of information to help me understand and guide me through the program. 

 In addition, I was set up with a meeting to talk to one of their weight loss counselors who was going to help explain how the first week on their Turbo10 program worked. I was excited and relieved to know that their weight loss counselors were available seven days a week meaning that I could call whenever I was in need of help or looking for some guidance throughout the program. 

 Reading through some of the material was a little intimidating at first. I saw terms like Powerfuel and Smartcarb that I wasn't entirely familiar with. However, while going through more of the material, I loved how clearly Nutrisystem explained things and how many tools they give people to successfully begin their journey towards a better self. I will also try my best to explain these terms to you as they become relevant throughout this endeavor. 

 Overall I was excited about trying Nutrisystem, this exciting and successful program that I had heard so much about over the years. I have nothing to lose but weight and with that, everything to gain. Feeling comfortable and confident in my body is something that has high value for me and I am looking forward to gaining back this piece of myself that was beginning to slip away. I hope you all will stick with me through these coming weeks, through my highs and lows, ups and downs, and maybe find the motivation and encouragement you need to start the journey yourself! That, or at least have a good time reading about one woman's quest to better herself. 



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