With a shade for every skin tone and the air of femininity it provides, we are starting to wonder….Will blush be the new wedding white? If it’s one thing we love about blush, it’s that it provides a beautiful backdrop for white laces, allowing you to appreciate the pattern of the lace more.

Sometimes, white on white hides the artistry that makes the lace so unique. While you can go all out and buy a gown lined entirely in blus , Pnina offers the option of lining just the bodice in blush in some of her dresses.

If you feel super daring, why not go for an entirely blush gown? You’re sure to make a statement and make guests ooh and ah! While some brides may worry that blush isn’t bridal enough, it isn’t something that can’t be fixed with a veil or bouquet! Personally, we think that blush is so feminine and romantic, that it is the perfect bridal color. I mean, they don’t say “blushing bride” for nothing!